The Gallery

Hi, Princess!

Well, I just heard that they’re going to close down The Gallery – that’s a really cool shopping mall in downtown Philly – so I had to show you some of the pictures of what it used to look like.


I used to take your mom down there on Saturdays sometimes, she used to love it. Even if we never bought anything, she just liked walking around and seeing the sights.


Maybe you’ll get to see the new Gallery!

Miss you, love you!

Pop pop

Ha Ha Ha

Hi, Princess! Here’s three bad jokes for ya:

Where do cows go on Friday night?
– To the MOOOvies!

Where did the king keep his armies?
– In his sleevies!

Why can’t a bicycle stand up by itself?
– Because it’s two-tired!

Well, I thought they were funny!

Love, Pop pop

Super Bowl

Hi, Princess!

I stopped at the library and I had to write this quick little post. Well, yesterday was the Super Bowl, and the team I wanted to win, the New England Patriots, won!

I wish I could write to you more, but since I don’t have internet access, this will have to do. But I still love you infinity plus one!

Love you,

Pop pop