Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Leslie!

Well, for some reason I remember the one Thanksgiving when you mommy was just about your age. She was living with me. I was going to cook a big old turkey. Now, you’re supposed to let a turkey thaw for a whole day or more before you cook it. The bigger it is, the longer you have to let it thaw.

I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I only took it out the night before. So it was still frozen on Thanksgiving Day. Well, luckily your mommy was going to go to her mom’s anyway, so she didn’t miss Thanksgiving dinner after all!


Well, I’ll talk to you later.

Love you bunches!

Pop pop


Hi, Princess!

You know, for some reason I was thinking about when your mom was a little girl and I used to help her do her homework. Most parents hate to help their kids with homework, but I actually enjoyed it. Especially her math homework.

I remember helping her learn fractions. Everything from improper fractions to mixed numbers to factoring, to least common denominators, and all that good stuff.

I was looking forward to the day when I could help you learn math and science too. But you probably don’t even need help, you’re such a smarty-pants!


Anyway, just checking in to let you know I love you, love you more, love you mostest!


Pop pop