Hi Leslie!

Well, today is my birthday! Yeah, I’m like a hundred years old.. Anyway, my sister, Gigi, or your aunt Gigi, gave me a Red Sox wallet, and I love it!

What I really wanted for my birthday was to see you, but maybe next year!

Love you,

Pop pop


Car show

Hi Princess!

Today was a beautiful day, weather-wise. So they decided to have a car show. This is where people who own cool cars – they have to be old cool cars – to show them off. Here’s just a couple:


Antique Car in Parade

Antique Car in Parade






I only wish you had been there!

Love you always and forever,

Pop pop

Bye, David

Hi, Princess!

Well, tonight is a special night because it’s gonna be the last show David Letterman is doing. David Letterman is a late night talk show host. He’s been on TV forever, it seems. Me and your mom used to watch him even back when she was little. That’s how long he’s been on TV!



So, anyway, I’ll be watching the show tonight and thinking of your mom.

Love you,

Pop pop