February 8, 2017

Hi, Princess!

I know it’s been a while since I wrote you. Sorry for that. Haven’t been feeling so great.

Well, let’s see what’s been happening. The Patriots won the Super Bowl. They’re my second favorite football team, after the Eagles. People are saying it was the greatest Super Bowl of them all, because the Patriots came from behind 28 to 3. Everyone thought they would lose, but they came back, and won it in the first ever Super Bowl overtime.

Well, you’re probably not that into football. But, The UConn Women’s Basketball team broke the record for most consecutive wins. In either mens’ or women’s sports. Remember when you were little I said if you decided to play basketball you should go there!

It’s going to snow tonight. Maybe some schools will be closed tomorrow. Maybe yours!

Well, that’s all for now.

Love you sooooooo much!

Pop pop

Sunday, December 4

Hi, Leslie!

Well, it’s Sunday, and I remember when your mommy was little we had a routine every Sunday. We would have a big breakfast while listening to Breakfast with the Beatles on the radio. They played all Beatles songs for two hours. Then we would watch the Sunday morning news show, where people would debate and yell at each other over politics. Then we would watch the football shows. Then we would try to do something outdoors or whatever.

I know it sounds boring, and I was being selfish because we did everything I wanted. But it was really the only day when I wasn’t working, so it was sort of my day. Looking back, maybe I should have done things differently.

But my favorite day of the year is coming up pretty soon…

Love ya,

Pop pop

The Summer Olympics

Hi, Princess!

Well, every four years we have three things that happen. It’s called a Leap Year, because February has an extra day. There’s a presidential election. And there’s the Summer Olympics.

Remember, four years ago, when the world fell in love with gymnast Gabby Douglas?

It’s too early to tell who the world will fall in love with this time around. But the 2008 Olympics will always be my favorite, because that’s the only one I shared with you and your mommy.


Love you,

Pop pop

Chip Kelly

Hi Princess!

Leslie, I just want you to know how special you are, and that you are loved, very, very, very much!

The only thing going on right now is that the Eagles just fired their head coach, Chip Kelly. Actually, it turned out to be a pretty big story.


I know just about everybody in the family loves the Cowboys, but I’m an Eagles fan.

Love you bunches and bunches!


Pop pop

Super Bowl

Hi, Princess!

I stopped at the library and I had to write this quick little post. Well, yesterday was the Super Bowl, and the team I wanted to win, the New England Patriots, won!

I wish I could write to you more, but since I don’t have internet access, this will have to do. But I still love you infinity plus one!

Love you,

Pop pop


Well, it’s football season again. We have Eagles fans, Cowboys fan and 49ers fans in the family. Your mom was a Cowboys fan. I was waiting till all three teams won on the same week, but that hasn’t happened yet. Dallas and Philadelphia did their jobs, but San Francisco couldn’t come up with a win.


Maybe next week!

Love, Pop pop