Car Week 

Hi, Princess!

Well, Leslie, it’s car week. That’s just a stupid TV thing. See, they have shark week when everybody has shows about sharks, and they have car week when everybody has shows about cars.

Every year they showcase a bunch of antique cars, a bunch of brand-new cars, and a bunch of concept cars. A company comes up with some ideas about what they want their cars to be like in the future, and that’s a concept car! So, this will be fun. I have some concept car pictures from this year and some concept cars from the past. Check them out, while listening to Earth, Wind and Fire!

I’ll try to write again soon. Love you soooooooooooooooooooo much!

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Car show

Hi Princess!

Today was a beautiful day, weather-wise. So they decided to have a car show. This is where people who own cool cars – they have to be old cool cars – to show them off. Here’s just a couple:


Antique Car in Parade

Antique Car in Parade






I only wish you had been there!

Love you always and forever,

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