Blue moon

Hi, Princess!

Guess what, today there was a blue moon! I know that sounds kinda awesome, but all it really means is that there were two full moons in one month.

See, the moon goes all the way around the earth every twenty eight days. A full moon is when the moon is positioned so we see the sun’s light reflected off the moon so it looks like a big ball, and that happens once every twenty eight days.

Now, usually a full moon happens only once a month, since most months have either thirty or thirty one days. But this month, there was a full moon on July 2, an another one today, July 31. I guess it is still kinda cool!


Love you,

Pop pop



Hi, Princess!

Leslie, you know how I usually start the conversations on my posts to you with “Well,”? It’s because I remember how, whenever I would ask you a question, you would always start your answer with “Well,”.

Anyway, that’s why I do it. To kind of keep my thoughts of you as close as I can!

Love you!

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