Waiting for the bus

Hi, Princess!

Nothing much going on right now. Just missing you. I was waiting for the bus today, and I remembered when your mom was little and we waited for the bus sometimes. Back then there were telephone booths at the bus stops. We played this trick. You could make an 800 number call for free. So your mom would dial 1-800 and just press some numbers. A business would answer. Your mom would act like she was ordering a pizza or something!

Well, it made us laugh as we were just hanging out waiting for the bus.

Anyway, I’ll catch you later.

Love you always and forever!

Pop pop


Labor Day

Hi, Princess!

Happy Labor Day!

Today is supposed to celebrate the workers of America, but everybody celebrates the unofficial end of summer on this holiday. I don’t really like to celebrate the end of summer, Labor Day just makes me remember that the nice weather is going to be over soon, and that winter is on the way.

But it also means that the school year is starting, and that’s a good thing!

So, have a wonderful time at school this year, and learn a lot!

Love you,

Pop pop