Car Week 

Hi, Princess!

Well, Leslie, it’s car week. That’s just a stupid TV thing. See, they have shark week when everybody has shows about sharks, and they have car week when everybody has shows about cars.

Every year they showcase a bunch of antique cars, a bunch of brand-new cars, and a bunch of concept cars. A company comes up with some ideas about what they want their cars to be like in the future, and that’s a concept car! So, this will be fun. I have some concept car pictures from this year and some concept cars from the past. Check them out, while listening to Earth, Wind and Fire!

I’ll try to write again soon. Love you soooooooooooooooooooo much!

Pop pop


Sunday, December 4

Hi, Leslie!

Well, it’s Sunday, and I remember when your mommy was little we had a routine every Sunday. We would have a big breakfast while listening to Breakfast with the Beatles on the radio. They played all Beatles songs for two hours. Then we would watch the Sunday morning news show, where people would debate and yell at each other over politics. Then we would watch the football shows. Then we would try to do something outdoors or whatever.

I know it sounds boring, and I was being selfish because we did everything I wanted. But it was really the only day when I wasn’t working, so it was sort of my day. Looking back, maybe I should have done things differently.

But my favorite day of the year is coming up pretty soon…

Love ya,

Pop pop