Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi, Princess!

Yes, today is Mother’s Day. Your mommy was the greatest mommy in the whole wide world!

Your mommy was a wonderful person, everyone that knew her loved her. But more than anything else, she loved you! It was like, she was always a charming, happy, warm, giving, just plain nice person. But when she had you, it was like, she was complete. It’s hard to explain. But then again, so was your mommy!

Love you so much,

Pop pop


Hi, Princess!

You know, I was just thinking. When you look at pictures of your mommy, you see she usually isn’t smiling. Please don’t think she was sad or anything. She didn’t like showing her teeth whenever someone took a picture. I mean, her teeth weren’t really that messed up, it was just because I didn’t have enough money to get her braces. So when you see your mommy in pictures, just know it wasn’t her fault if she wasn’t smiling. It was my fault.


Pop pop

The Summer Olympics

Hi, Princess!

Well, every four years we have three things that happen. It’s called a Leap Year, because February has an extra day. There’s a presidential election. And there’s the Summer Olympics.

Remember, four years ago, when the world fell in love with gymnast Gabby Douglas?

It’s too early to tell who the world will fall in love with this time around. But the 2008 Olympics will always be my favorite, because that’s the only one I shared with you and your mommy.


Love you,

Pop pop


Hi, my darling granddaughter.

It was eight years ago when I called your mommy and asked her to let you stay up late and watch Barack Obama give his acceptance speech. A lot has happened in eight years.

Well, tonight I watched Hillary Clinton give her acceptance speech. I couldn’t help but think about your mommy. I couldn’t help but think of you.


I miss your mommy every single day. I miss you every single day.

All my love,

Pop pop