A walk on the moon

Hi, Princess! Today is July 20 2014. Guess what happened on July 20 1969? The first person walked on the moon! Before that, everyone said it couldn’t be done. After that, lot’s of people did it. This is a picture of one of the astronauts on that day.


So, when someone says you’ll never, ever be able to do something, don’t believe them!

Love, Pop pop


I still have that bad habit of snapping my fingers. But ya know, every time I do it I remember how you tried to do it. Your fingers were too small, but you kept on trying. I told you you’d be able to do it when you get a little bigger and your fingers were bigger. I wonder if you can do it now. Any way, just wanted to let you know you’re still on my mind, and still in my heart.

Love, Pop pop